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Tropical Leaves


Lucy was born in Jersey, British Channel Islands, where she grew up on her grandparent’s organic farm. Her passion for cooking came from her grandmother, Marguerite, who loved to cook pastries, desserts and meals for her many grandchildren.

Lucy was fascinated by her grandmother’s talent for creating wholesome and delicious feasts from the humblest of farmyard ingredients. From a young age Lucy would spend her school holidays with her grandmother foraging for local shellfish, gathering eggs from their chicken coop and cooking her grandmother’s recipes.

Jersey being only 22 kilometres from the French coast made visiting the Saint Malo markets a common occurrence for Lucy’s Family. French brie, fresh croissants and saucisson (cured sausage) were a few of the local delicacies that they would bring home. It wasn't long before Lucy fell in the love with French cuisine and decided she wanted to become a chef. 

In 2006 Lucy completed her tertiary qualification in Food Design and Technology. This inspired her to travel and learn further about different cultures and their traditional cooking methods and dishes. She travelled Europe and South East Asia, before settling in Australia. 

Lucy has since worked as a Kitchen Manager and Head Chef at several venues in Perth and Darwin, including; Oyster Bar and Darwin River Tavern. She has also catered and designed menus for a variety of private and corporate events and for several Australian venues.

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